How To Become A Mompreneur

This isn’t really your average “how to” article. However, I want to use this opportunity to share the steps I took to become a Mom Boss/Entrepreneur.

Step 1: I stopped making excuses.

Yes, I was the parent who used my kids as an excuse not to do things. I would say things like I don’t have time because the kids have to do this or that, or I would describe how tired I was after meeting all of their needs. I broke the cycle by using the time I did have to meet my own needs and complete tasks that were necessary to getting where I am today. This brings me to my next points.

Step 2: I stated managing my time better.

I made a plan for myself that allowed me to get my kids to bed earlier, spend time with my husband, and still have time to get work done all in one night. Creating a daily schedule for my household really saved me some energy and allowed me the freedom of choosing what to do with the extra time I had. If I needed to rest or clear my head, I could. If I needed to write a few posts or create a new design, I could. My scheduled made those things possible for me.

Step 3: I began documenting my ideas no matter the circumstances.

A family friend, who knows that writing is one of my many gifts, suggested that I get a notepad that I could carry with me every day. She advised me to write down any thought that was given to me in this notepad. I followed her instructions, because I knew how easily things would slip my mind. With this new habit I had developed, I started writing business ideas, sketching designs, writing blog posts, setting goals, writing life-affirming statements, and writing out the vision and dreams for my life.


These steps really turned my life around. They are also the reason I am able to share my gifts with the rest of the world. With these few steps, I hope to inspire my kids and others to prioritize and to do what’s necessary to make your dreams happen.

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